Fluid Flushes

Remember your Dad telling you to top off your fluids before a road trip?

Valid advice! Your vehicle depends on proper fluid levels for cooling, transmission, steering and brakes.

We offer fluid flushes for all your components. This keeps the fluids at their optimal operating strength. We also check to make sure that none of those important fluids are escaping from your vehicle.

Cooling system fluids.

Maintaining proper levels of coolant/antifreeze is essential to regulating engine temperature.

Transmission fluids.

The main function of transmission fluid is to provide the hydraulic (fluid) power used by an automatic transmission to perform its basic functions. In addition, it lubricates and cools the transmission.

Steering fluids.

Power steering fluids operates under high pressure and temperature, breaking down over time.  Therefore, scheduled replacement of the correct type of power steering fluid is required.

Brake fluids.

Brake fluid commonly known as hydraulic fluid ensures optimized braking performance and protection of your hydraulic brake component. Brake fluid by nature is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture) as a result brake fluid over time becomes ineffective.  It should be changed at recommended intervals.

Windshield Washer fluids.

While we are servicing your vehicle, we can inspect your windshield washer fluid level and top you up. Depending on the season, we can add fluids that won’t freeze up when you need a clear view the most, or in summer a specific mixture to help get those pesky bugs off your windshield.

Visit your local Budget Auto Centre to discover our customer first, value-added approach to building lifelong relationships with you, our customers. We’ll take pride and care when providing fluid flushing services on your vehicle.