Charging System

We’ve all been there, running late for a meeting and we start the car and hear… click. Try again, no luck. That sound tells us the battery might be dead or your charging system isn’t operating properly.

Charging System Components:


Your vehicle battery is the backbone of your car’s electrical system. The battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy and vice versa, which supplies power to the starter and ignition system and delivers extra power needed when the electrical load exceeds the alternator’s supply. At every oil change, the battery and connections should be checked to ensure it’s mounted securely as road vibration takes a toll on battery life. We offer batteries from many leading brands. They feature rugged construction, and are designed not only to withstand temperature extremes, and to provide increased reserve capacity to meet the extra power demands of on-board accessories, stereos and computers-not to mention your vehicle’s emergency power needs.


Your starter cranks the engine when the ignition button is pressed, or key is turned to the start position. To ensure optimal starter performance, we’ll check your battery cables for any loosening or corrosion at every oil change. Loose or corroded connections can cause electrical system problems.


Your vehicle’s battery is charged by an alternator and generates direct current for recharging it and powering vehicle electrical loads. Routinely, each spring, it’s wise to have your car’s charging system tested as part of a comprehensive starting, charging and battery test. Visit your local Budget Auto Centre to discover our customer first, value-added approach to building lifelong relationships with you, our customers. We’ll take pride and care and would be positively thrilled to assist with your charging needs!