Belts and Hoses

How do I know it’s time to replace these parts?

Your engine works hard, and over time parts wear out. Some of the components that wear out are belts and hoses due to the high pressure and stress the engine puts on them.

Hoses should be inspected when your vehicle’s coolant is changed (the manufacturer’s owner manual or your Budget technician can help you determine necessity), or when repairs are made to your cooling system, (replacing a thermostat, water pump, radiator, etc.)

Belts often see road debris kicked up under the car while in motion. Better quality rubber and grooved belts resist harsh weather conditions better than belts from the past, but it’s important to have your technician check these components when your car is in for a maintenance service.

Visit your local Budget Auto Centre to discover our customer first, value-added approach to building lifelong relationships with you, our customers. We’ll take pride and care when replacing belts and hoses on your vehicle.  Call your neighbourhood repair experts today, the guys who know cars.