Engine Light

Why is my engine light on? Is it serious?

Every vehicle has an engine light located on the dash, typically near the speedometer. This indicator illuminates when your vehicles computer system recognizes an issue with your vehicle. If you have ever experienced this notification, we understand the fearful feelings that can result – concern that their car is going to experience immediate failure. Although our technicians recommend booking an appointment immediately upon an engine’s light illuminating, do not immediately fret. This indicator provides notification of a wide range of problems, from major repairs to simply a gas cap not tightened correctly. Trust that our Budget Auto Centre technicians are here to make the large or small engine light issue disappear along with any fear.

Each vehicle from 1996 and newer have a diagnosis port called an OBD-II port – like your computer has a USB port. This vehicle diagnostic port allows our Budget Auto Centre technicians to connect state-of-the-art diagnostic and calibration tools directly to your vehicles internal computer and immediately identify the problem, report the issue, and provide a repair that gets you and your family back on the road safely and confidently.

Visit your local Budget Auto Centre to discover our customer first, value-added approach to building lifelong relationships with you, our customers. We’ll take pride and care when providing service to your vehicle.  Call your neighbourhood repair experts today, the guys who know cars.

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