Shocks and Struts

Whether your vehicle has a suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system, your Budget Auto Centre location has the know-how to diagnose and repair these systems.


Shock absorbers (shocks) reduce movement of the vehicle’s springs as they compress and rebound during the drive. Without these, your vehicle would continually bounce, making driving quite difficult! Shock absorbers have a strong influence on vehicle handling and hold your tires to the road.


Struts combines numerous suspension parts into one compact assembly, including the shock absorber, strut bearing, coil spring, spring seats, and steering knuckle common on many front wheel drive vehicles. The shock absorber portion of the strut is the most serviced of the strut assembly.

Signs your vehicle’s shocks and / or struts may have worn out include:

    • Rocking back and forth,
    • Excessive bouncing,
    • Bottoming out,
    • Drifting during braking,
    • Swaying,
    • Cupping wear on the tires.

The shocks on your vehicle should be checked at the same time as a wheel alignment service or if you notice any of these signs.

Visit your local Budget Auto Centre to discover our customer first, value-added approach to building lifelong relationships with you, our customers. For a complete check of your vehicle’s suspension system, our trained technicians have the know-how to diagnose and repair shock and strut systems and install quality Monroe products.