Celebrating 50 Years of Quality Automotive Service!

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It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 50 years since Budget Auto Centres started providing automotive service repairs to customers in BC. 


Lona & Warren Swanson

Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres Founders

In 1972, Warren and Lona Swanson opened the first Budget Brake and Muffler in New Westminster, British Columbia. They specialized in brake and muffler repairs, and they dedicated themselves to making every customer happy with outstanding service.

While what we do has changed a lot over 50 years, much remains the same, at Budget Auto Centres, our Franchisees are committed to fixing your car right the first time and keeping your family safe.

After 50 years servicing trucks and cars in BC we have generations of customers who count on Budget Auto Centres to keep them safe and generational Franchisees, some with us for more than 40 years.

Today, there are 25 Budget Brake and Muffler Auto Centres locations in BC.
We’ve also expanded our services, offering a full range of car care and repairs. 

 We’re proud of them because they’ve helped to make us your
most trusted choice for automotive car care and repairs.

BBMAC 50th Anniversary Logo-700px

Thanks for trusting Budget Auto Centres for the past 50 years to keep your vehicle on the road and family safe.

Lane Vance

President - Budget Brake & Muffler Auto Centres