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Steering and Suspension


At Budget Brake and Muffler, we take pride when working on your steering and systems on your car, truck, van or SUV.  Call your neighbourhood brake experts today, the guy who knows cars.

Steering & Suspension

How your vehicle handles on the road is a combination of steering, suspension and alignment, working together to give you a smooth comfortable ride. Your suspension system is comprised of many moving parts that include:


  • Poor suspension can throw your vehicle out of alignment
  • Poor alignment can add stress to your vehicles suspension

Steering & Suspension

  • Control arms
  • Rods & Bushings
  • Shafts
  • Joints & Knuckles

Coils and Leaf Springs

It takes teamwork to manage the weight of your vehicle and protect you from the abuse the road provides. Coil springs are the large coils located on the front and rear of most cars. Old coil springs can sag, reducing ride height and ride comfort. Leaf Springs are simply a form of spring used in suspension found on most vehicles. These arch shaped layered metal leafs are your vehicles first line of defense against ride comfort management.

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