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Fuel Injection Change


At Budget Brake and Muffler, we take pride when fuel injection change on your vehicle.  Call your neighbourhood brake experts today, the guy who knows cars.

Fuel Injection Change

Engine temperatures and changes in gasoline quality can lead to a buildup of olefin wax, dirt, water and many other additives. Unique to each engine is an air control design that also may suggest different levels of carbon deposits, such as oil control or just the location of the component or control device itself. Come in for a fuel injection change today!

Fuel injector system servicing includes:

  • – Check fuel pump operating pressure and volume.
  • – Test pressure regulator for operation and leakage.
  • – Flush entire fuel rail and upper fuel injector screens to include pressure regulator.
  • – Clean fuel injectors.
  • – Decarbon engine assembly.
  • – Check minimum air-flow rate and adjust if needed.
  • – Relearn onboard computer.
  • – Clean throttle plate and idle air control (IAC) passages.