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At Budget Brake and Muffler, we take pride in being a designated government inspection facility.  Call your neighbourhood brake experts today, the guy who knows cars.


Here is the bottom line when it comes to state-of-the-art computer diagnostics – a computer is only as good as the technician who operates it. Today’s check engine light might indicate many, many types of problems and issues, from the simple to the serious.

Today’s vehicle has numerous on-board computers. While you’re cruising down the road in your high-tech driving machine, you may not be aware of the 20 to 40 on-board computers that are all making thousands of decisions per second so you can experience some of the finest, ultimate driving conditions possible. It takes technology to accurately pinpoint diagnose, repair and service all of the latest technological advances prevalent on today’s high-tech engineered automobiles.

Up to date diagnostic equipment, combined with our experienced Technicians insures that you will receive an expert analysis of your vehicle’s problems.

If your vehicle’s check engine light comes on we can tell you why, fix the problem and get you back on the road again.