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Summer is here!

Our Seasonal Services


We built our name on brake repairs and care. Our skilled technicians diagnose and repair today’s complex braking systems so they respond when you need them.

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Oil Service

Regular oil changes not only extend the life of your engine, they give our technicians an opportunity to complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle.

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Fluid Flush

From cooling to brakes, we make sure component fluids are at optimal operating strength while checking for signs of leaks.

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A wide selection of premium tires for all makes and models, plus balancing, repair, rotations and installation services, too.

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Check Engine

If you see the ‘Check Engine Light’ on drive into one of our Budget repair centres, no appointment necessary.

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Keep your terminals clean, cable connections tight and if you suspect battery problems, bring your car to Budget.

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Ask about our 50-Point Spring Inspection package. Our service techs will inspect all your major systems and components to ensure your safety.

• Engine
• Steering
• Transmission

• Starter System
• Fluids
• Brakes

• Lights
• Wipers
• A/C – not all locations